Agile Development – What does it take to become Agile?

If your company wants to implement an Agile Development Methodology, you must start with following the processes and ceremonies associated with Agile Development, but like anything else, you can not truly say that you have embraced Agile Development until it becomes part of the company culture or mindset. Some of the key values and goals .. read more

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Is your firm really GIPS Compliant?

News September 2013   The Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) were created and funded by CFA Institute (formerly the Association for Investment Management and Research, or AIMR®) to provide an ethical framework for the calculation and presentation of the investment performance history of an investment management firm. The GIPS standards are a voluntary set of .. read more

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Trends in Hedge Fund Investments and Support

Since 2008 there has been significant focus on making hedge funds more transparent. Additionally, family offices and high net worth individuals have become more interested in hedge fund investments. These drivers have led to the growth of managed accounts. The other trend leading to the growth of managed accounts is that the existing institutional investors .. read more

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Some Project Management Tips to Help Offset Murphy’s Law

Whether you are building a building or a computer system or changing process workflow it is likely that Murphy’s Law will provide you with some unexpected challenges. As project manager, one of your duties is to manage the risks associated with these challenges. Your job is to identify, analyze and manage the known and unknown .. read more

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Rocco Gibaldi Guest Panelist at Family Office Network Forum

Trends in Family Office Technology Support for today’s Family Office is continuing to become more complex. Some challenges are related to inter-generational gaps, how technology should be used, increased use of philanthropy, scope of investment opportunities. The list goes on. In Feb 2013, Rocco was among the guest panelists at the Ivy Family Office Network .. read more

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